This is the first book in the Gallagher Girls series written by Ally Carter

Cammie is a student at the Gallagher Academy, along with about one hundred other girls. The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women is really a school for women spies, but it is disguised as a posh boarding school for girl geniuses. Cammie is known as "the Chameleon" at her school; when she doesn't want to be seen, nobody in the entire world can spot her... or so she thinks.

In the book they go to the Roseville Fair on an assignment for their CoveOps (covert operations) class to find out what a teacher at their school drinks with his funnel cakes. Cammie finds the empty bottle in a trash can. The Chameleon looks over to see a boy... seeing her. The boy (who identifies himself as "Josh") approaches Cammie and starts talking with her. Cammie is clearly flustered, and babbles an excuse as to why she is fishing for bottles from a trash can. She quickly makes her exit, and finds her friends later, back at the school. When Cammie and her roomies go for their drivers ed class, Liz and Bex spot a 'cute boy' and Cammie realizes it's Josh. So after the drive, Cammie tells her best friends that she and Josh had met on the assignment. Liz freaks out and states that Josh could be a "honeypot"- which is a covert term describing a spy who is trained in getting information from someone through relationships. Not wanting her super-hot CoveOps teacher (Joe Solomon) or their new-comer roommate (Macey McHenry) to know of the boy, Cammie and Bex convince Liz that they will conduct their own private investigation on Josh. This 'investigation' leads them everywhere- from trashcans to even sneaking into Josh's house! All this is happening while Cammie is dating Josh. But when an incident in the school occurs, Cammie must decide between her boyfriend... or her sisterhood.